BCC Infrastructure Program

Program Description

The Collaborative invested over $59 million in infrastructure projects throughout the County.  This program funds a variety of projects including the buyout and clearance of at-risk properties, river restoration, road and bridge repair and other critical infrastructure projects.

Program Status

This program is fully awarded with 45 projects totaling $59.1 million.  As of May 31, 2020, the program is more than 2/3 complete with 19 projects fully paid.  The Boulder County Collaborative maintains a list of unfunded recovery projects in the event that funds become available through cost savings or additional funding opportunities.

Program Outcomes

The table below represents 31 physical infrastructure projects, 4 clearance or debris removal projects and 10 buyout projects.  Some buyout projects served more than one household for a total of 48 properties assisted.  A more detailed breakout is below:

Program outcomes Chart

*Includes properties assisted with CDBG-DR funds either through direct buyout or through relocation payments to displaced households.

Program Highlights

The Boulder County Collaborative projects below were funded or partially funded with CDBG-DR:

Resilient Saint Vrain Project - Longmont:  This signature resilience project will increase the creek and bridge capacity and reduce the size of the floodplain removing 526 structures from the existing floodplain and providing for greenway corridor improvements, recreational opportunities and improved fish passage.

Ponderosa Mobile Home Park – City of Boulder: Provided acquisition of a 68 unit mobile home park to facilitate necessary infrastructure improvements following damage from the 2013 floods.

McConnell Bridge – Town of Lyons: The McConnell bridge project spans 168 feet and provides primary access to the Lyons Valley Park subdivision in Lyons.

Program Resources

Policies, procedures and other resources for the BCC programs can be found on the Boulder County Collaborative website.


Molly O’Donnell
Project Manager - Housing and Community Investment, City of Longmont
350 Kimbark St.
Longmont, CO 80501
(303) 651-8530