2012 Energy Codes

The 2012 IECC is approximately 15% more energy efficient than the 2009 IECC.

Major Changes

  • Now two separate energy committees: Residential and Commercial. Residential Energy requirements in the IRC and IECC are now identical
  • Format has changed. Now has Chapters 1-5 for Commercial and Chapters 1-5 for Residential
  • Residential blower door testing required for all One and Two Family and Townhomes. Also, R-2, R-3 and R-4 three stories or less in height
  • Residential Hot water piping requires R-3 insulation (with some exceptions)
  • Residential now 75% (was 50%) of permanently install fixtures must contain high efficacy bulbs
  • Commercial interior lighting now has space by space method
  • Commercial air system economizers are required in more climate zones and at a lower threshold
  • More stringent Commercial HVAC system piping insulation requirements
  • Commercial building commissioning is a new requirement

2012 IECC Resource Documents